Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

The most intense FM eclipse of the year & we're all going to feel it so let's create magic together!



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This is my FAVORITE full moon of the year, not because I'm a Scorpio, I'm not! You don't have to be to enjoy the activations of this moon!


But because I know the magic of a Scorpio moon, it's the MOST POWERFUL energy available to us in all of the zodiac and allows us the ability to TRANSMUTE and TRANSFORM AND it's amplified with it being a Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.


They are ALL important and should be done on a regular basis to get the benefits (that’s why I created Cosmic Body Collective) but this one should NOT BE MISSED! :)


This moon is LITERAL MAGICK! And we will be using it to help you let go of what is no longer serving you!!

The scorpio full moon is raw, deep, and is all about HEALING!

We will go in to remove this under the frequency of Scorpio which will allow you to move beyond anything that is keeping you stuck!


We will go into the density of your body and energy field and clear it out.


Then, we will assist with new codes coming through to activate your gifts. This happens daily we just don't always have words for it.


We are in a HUGE portal right now called the WINDOWS IN BETWEEN - and anything can happen. This is when we change timelines and the trajectories of our lives!


You will leave this full moon circle feeling empowered, lighter, and FIERCE.


You will come back home to your soul so that you can live a better life!


I can't wait!


****This is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world AND you still get the healing benefits even if it's not the day of the full moon. HEALING IS HEALING!! :)

Welcome to my online circles, if you're new here these are beyond powerful!!!

Every time you do it it gets better and better because like an onion we can peel back the layers that are obstructing your "view" to your true self - this is how you access your intuition!

Everyone always asks how can they heal. You heal by doing rituals like this that connect you back to your soul and commit to them monthly so that we can go in deeper each time!

This is a VIRTUAL circle, so you can be anywhere in the world! ;)

And also if you can't make it live it's no problem, you can do the replay anytime as they are just as effective!!

ps- I always keep the price point low so that everyone can join.


Here's what people are saying about this moon circle

Danielle!! Wow !! I cannot express to you how powerful the moon circle we just had was. My heart and third eye and crown chakra are on fire! My whole body was pulsating during this and I’m still feeling the tingling in my hands and fingers! So much activated in just an hour! I went to dimensions I had never been able to reach before. So thankful for you and this community!!

woah.. I didn’t even know I needed that moon circle.. what an experience.. I was wondering when my release was going to happen doing this time and space.. Thank you .. thank you .. thank you..excited to see how life unfolds for me moving forward..

This was an EPIC meditation session... I just don't have the words to describe the epiphany and release that came from this.  Thank you Danielle!

All your meditations as powerful but this was another level! I felt me from within so deeply like never before! Thank you  so much for all I do! 

Thank you for tonight. I cannot express how much this moon circle supported me. I was feeling AWFUL all week. So many wild downloads and so much purging and new codes coming through. Tonight’s circle helped me to clear, ground, and let go of so much residue and energy that was not serving me. I legit feel like a whole new being. thank you x 3

Wow, that was an amazing moon circle! I have been doing these for over a year now but it has been so long since I was moved so much during one. The tears poured out when I found the fear I was holding onto from when I was sick at 11yrs old. I was so scared and didnt understand what was going on, with so many procedures to find a cause which resulted in heart surgery. I feel lighter having let go of this and the activations I received from the star were incredible. thank you Danielle, I appreciate you so much.

I had a profound experience in the womb of my mother! It was wonderful to be there and it was also wonderful to go back and forgive her for different things while being in there. I feel calmer, expansive and more understanding. I also was able to observe how her womb experience with her mom was completely different. This also gave me more understanding and compassion towards my own mother in a different type of way. Feel really good to write this down.

On this Virtual Moon Circle call we will:


Discuss the current Astrology/Full Moon Energy and what it means


Discuss the ECLIPSE and do a ritual to clear out the OLD ENERGY


Clear your field to open you up to receiving more of your desires


Do a healing session to clear out your old programs and help you LET GO!


Invoke the Full Moon energy to bring in new light codes and activate your field


Tap into the energy of the earth AND spiritual realms.


Do breathwork to help you balance the material and spiritual worlds


A grounding meditation that will connect you deeply with your soul to access your intuition.


Use the magic of the Moon to activate your Intuition.


And more, let's see what spirit brings, I always like to leave some room for Magick!




*If you can’t make the live call no need to worry. Simply purchase a ticket to the event and the recording will automatically be emailed to you. Remember, energy is not limited to time and space so you can still harness the power of the rituals and learn about the energies on your own time.


**There will be no refunds and Danielle Paige is not responsible for any emotional or physical illnesses.  


**This is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world AND you still get the healing benefits even if it's not the day of the full moon. HEALING IS HEALING!! :)